Hi, I'm George 

A film and digital docutorial photographer located in Michigan 

working with value based brands and authentic people 



I've worn a lot of hats over my short time on this space rock. Naturalist, trail builder, photographer, environmental scientist, buyer, and currently an independent sales rep in the outdoor industry based in Michigan. 

When I'm not selling tents, sunglasses, and technical apparel to your favorite local outdoor and lifestyle stores, I lean back to my happy place that is photography. 

As cliché as it may be, photography is my passion and creative outlet in life. I aim to share how I see the world with anyone who will give me the time of day...

got a second to spare? 


My Work

I used to get upset if there were people or manmade structures in my photographs. I wanted to show the natural world free of us people mucking it all up. 

The evolution of landscape and wildlife photography to photojournalistic leanings has stirred and swirled in my body of work. Turns out, the tactics of photographing migratory wading birds are pretty useful when walking down a busy street or documenting an event. 

My photographs are lightly edited at best and often times barely touched. I strive to tell accurate stories and display work that is truly honest while still conveying emotion. 


Aim and Purpose 

I have, and still, use Instagram and other social media platforms as an outlet to share my work, but a thumbnail image that you breeze by while scrolling isn't the way I want you to see what I see. 

At a loss of how to share my work and running in circles with algorithms, I've decided to try this again but from a different lens. Less of a portfolio page like my previous sites and more of a living body of work for all to enjoy.  

Whether you are on the brand side looking at my body of work for a project, a fellow photog, or a new friend, I hope that this is a way for you to enjoy my work in a more meaningful way. 

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